This was supposed to be dinner.  Nice tender, juicy eye-round roast.  However, its dry and tough.  I do know how to cook and I think my previous posts can attest to that fact.  Today I was just so consumed with a project for my 2nd job.  I was cooking and working on the project.  Just when I was supposed to get the roast out the oven I received a phone call.  It was not a call I was expecting.  I was informed that a cousin had just passed away a few hours prior.  The were no information except that my cousin had passed.  This was an unexpected death.  So I lost focus on my dinner.  

I did eat the roast...it was ok.

This did make me sit down and enjoy time with my family and not be so consumed in other matters.

Life is short and you should cherish those around you.  
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