I have decided to embark on this journey once again.  Hopefully this year I will get that new camera.  This is a new year for me.  I am working and I hope I will save the money up to get a nice DSLR camera.  That is on my wish list for the year.  But until then I will be using my same old Fuji and iPhone to capture my pictures.

I hope to gain more followers and gain more knowledge this year again.  For some reason at the beginning of the year I am feeling more inspired.  Check back on day #100 to see if I am inspired.

So the first picture to start out the year is my hubby.  He is currently working on a fiction novel.  I captured him hard at work creating his work.  In a few months, I will be taking pictures of the published work.  Of course I am going to use my blog to promote his work!

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