I know I have said this before but I love rice!
Rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So I switched to brown rice because they say it is healthier.  I am pretty sure when I pile a gallon of gravy on it it has lost the healthy-like qualities.  No one told me that brown rice does not cook the same as white rice.  So through trial and error I have finally perfected cooking brown rice.

Years ago my mom taught me how to cook white rice in the microwave.  You cook it in a microwave safe dish and use a 2:1 (Water:rice) ratio.  Cook on high power for 10 minutes and then cook at half power for 15 minutes.  Perfect rice every time.  For brown rice use the same ratio and cook for 10 minutes at high power and 35-40 minutes at half power.  You will have nice fluffy brown rice.

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