A few months ago I visited Regency Beauty Institute to get a pedi and my eyebrows shaped.  I walked out of there looking like a damn fool that day.  By eyebrows were crooked and my toes looked my 16 month old daughter did them!

Regency is a cosmetology school and I used to go there regularly when my good friend was a student there.  She did an excellent job.  So needless to say I wont be going back after my last incident.  

So today I got a postcard from the girl who did my services that day asking for my business.  Is she nucking futs???  (yes I said nucking futs.) No she will not be getting my business.  I am not sure how she even made it out of the class and onto the floor.  She was horrible!

I guess that is what I get for trying to save a buck.  

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