I woke up today at 5:00 am.  I haven't done that in some months now.  But today I had to drive an hour away to take my last test required by the state of Illinois to get my teacher license

The requirements in Ohio are so much more easier than Illinois.  So in Ohio I had to take two test:  Principles of Learning and Teaching and Special Education.  In Illinois it is not that simple.  They require a Basic Skills test.  In that test there are four subtest:  Reading Comprehension, Math, Language Arts and Writing.  Each subtest must be passed in order to pass the Basic Skills test.  Then there is an APT test which, I don't know what APT stands for.  But it is like the Principals of Learning and Teaching test.  Then I had to take two separate test on Special Education since that is what my license will be in.

So as of now I have passed all the tests except the Reading Comprehension portion of the Basic Skills test.  So today I got up to drive an hour away to take this last test.  Let's talk about pressure.  I can't get a job until I get licensed and I can't get my teaching license until I pass this test!  Reading comprehension is like my nemesis.  I struggled with it in high school and still struggle today.

Going into taking this test I felt a lot of pressure to pass this test.  That doesn't help when you are taking a standardized test.

I do feel somewhat confident now that the test is over.

My picture is of my admission ticket for my test today.  Let's pray that I will not be retaking this test in the next month.
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Melissa said...

Robyn I am sure you did fine on the test! Not too much longer and you'll be back in the classroom!

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