The weather today was great.  Not too hot, not too cold.  

I took the babies to a farmer's market in our neighborhood.  We found some really good things to buy.  The market is located next to a park I had not been to yet.  I have driven past this park but never got out to walk in it.  The park is beautiful and a nice place to take outdoor pictures.  It is along the river so it provides a very nice breeze.  Although the river stank to me, I still enjoyed our walk.  I definitely will go back without the babies to take pictures.  They get mad when I stop to take pictures.

So I had to conquer a fear of mine...Bridges.  I hate driving over bridges or walking over the bridge.  There were at least 3 bridges I had to cross to walk through this park.  So I safely made it over the bridges and I think I could even go back and do it again!

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