I couldn't pick just one picture for today.  The weather was just absolutely beautiful today.  I took the babies to a park.  I think they really enjoyed swinging.  We stayed for about 30 minutes just swinging. 

I am still in my black and white mood!

Also while at the park, I realized I need to work on learning Spanish.  The other little children at the park were Spanish speaking.  I think they have not realized who to speak Spanish to and who to speak English too.  I know the families were bilingual because the mothers spoke English to me.  But the little kids looked at me innocently and said "Hola".  I responded "Hola".  Then he started to have a conversation with me an say "Como se llama?"  I surprised myself and was able to respond "Robyn"

I think along with working on photography, I am going to work on my Spanish too. 
~:: I welcome your constructive feedback and comments::~

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Rachelle said...

it's so hard to take shots on the swings! I find myself pushing and then waiting until the swing slows just enough to see the giggles and still get a crisp shot. That middle image is lovely - - compositionally, it's great that both little'uns are captured.

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