My little vacation will be coming to an end soon.  The funeral for my aunt will be Saturday and the babies and I will be going home.  I have really enjoyed my time here and I think the babies are having fun with their cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Since getting here, I had to buy a new camera.  I am still learning this camera.  Although it is just a little point and shoot camera, I still need to get used to it.  I really like my camera that broke but I do remember when I first got that camera I had to get used to that one as well. 

I say all this because I do not like the pictures that I am getting.  Since I cannot cheat and retake pictures, I have to post pictures that I am really not happy with.  My normal routine is to take mass pictures and look at them and make sure I like a few that I can edit and then post later in the evening.  Since I am not at home, I have changed the routine.  I still take a lot of pictures but I am only posting every-other-day or even longer.  So sometimes I look at my pics and hate all of them.

I haven't had time to look at the manual for the camera.  I am not a manual type of persaon.  Well not initially.  I like to play around and see what I can do on my own.  Then eventually I will read the manual for stuff I can't figure out.

So a lot of these pictures have this white haze in the pictures.  So anybody that knows how I can correct this please help.  I think maybe it has to do with white balance because I have played with that setting and I am seeing some differences.  I just want to make sure it is not the camera that is the problem but the camera operator.

So this horrible pic is of the babies and their cousins in the bouncy house.  Yes, my aunt has a bouncy house in her basement.  It comes in handy an hour or two before bedtime. We put all four kids in and let them have at it!  Needless to say, all four kids sleeep well!

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