I am still enjoying my time back home with my family and friends.  As I said before this is a bittersweet visit and today was part of the sweet. 

The day started great when I took the babies to their grandparents to spend the whole day and night!  I was so excited to get a break and spend some time with my BFFs.

We did pedi's and I got my brows waxed.  I really should have put the picture of my brows here because they did an awful job.  We went to a cosmetology school and one of my eyebrows looks like I am saying "huh?" while the other one is furrowed?  Really it is that bad!

To make myself feel better we had a nice dinner at Cracker Barrel. 

This evening was spent at the casino.  My luck was a little better at the casino.  I won $24!  Before you laugh, that is 24 more dollars than I had an hour ago.  So I was happy.

So I was determined to get a picture because I didn't want to showcase my horrible eyebrows.  Just before we got in the car, I saw this hat in the car parked next to us.  I found the hat to be a little racists.  But then I chuckled and thought the person who owns it must be ok with it.  I always felt Redneck had a negative connotation and paired with the Confederate flag, makes it racist to me.  But I do live in a free America where this is ok to do. 

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