Yesterday we had a date night but the date night almost didn't happen.  I took the babies to my friend's house and was getting the babies situated.  All of sudden Buddy Boy just starts crying and wont stop.  I offer food, water, love to no avail.  Finally I think he must have a stinky diaper.  Nope that wasn't it.  Then I had a flashback of when Buddy Boy was 9 months old and he did a similar thing.  I took off his shoes.  Yes, this is Buddy Boy's way of telling me that his shoes are too small now.  I thought I had a few more weeks before he out grew these shoes.  The shoes are a size 5.5.  He definitely will take after his daddy.

I did order him a new pair from Zappos.  So hopefully they will be here soon!
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Jennifer Thompson said...

Yeah for date night! I hope you enjoyed a fun night out!
It's crazy how fast they out grow the shoes and clothes. Hope BuddyBoys shoes arrive soon!

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