When my family relocated, I looked for ways to meet other people.  Since I was becoming a SAHM, I needed to find ways to have adult time and adult conversations. 

So I looked for the local mothers of twins group.  I was familiar with the organization back home because of the large "garage" sales they have twice a year.  So I was able to find a club near me.

Double Love Mothers of Twins meets once a month.  It is a time that I get to get away from my house and socialize.

Tonight we had an appreciation dinner for people other than our husbands who have helped us with our twins.  I wanted to invite my whole support system from back home but I didn't think they were willing to drive 5 hours.  I did invite someone who I have met who has helped me out since I have been here.  Unfortunately she couldn't make it.

So anyway...back to the dinner.  We had a nice catered dinner and everyone brought a side dish or dessert.  I volunteered for a dessert and I made my World Famous Banana Pudding.  Well maybe it is not world famous, but it is delicious.  Hopefully my picture does it justice!

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Jennifer said...

That looks delicious Robyn! I am a mother of twins plus one so I can totally relate. You really need to take time for yourself which isn't always the easiest to coordinate. Like you, blogging is my outlet. :)

Jennifer Thompson said...

mmm,looks good Robyn.

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