Happy Easter!

This is the first Easter I have spent away from my family.  All my life I have lived near my family and now I am about 5 hours away from my family.

But the good thing is my parents came to spend Easter with me, the kids and my hubby.  I am so glad the weather cooperated and they were able to come.

I didn't take too many pics because I was in charge of dinner.  Usually that is my mom's responsibility but I cooked the whole dinner.  I did have a little help from Honey Baked Ham and Jewel-Osco Bakery!  But for the most part I cooked dinner.

So the babies were surprised to see Nana and Papa Bob in their house.  I think they are truly enjoying the visit from their grandparents. 

I just love this picture because the I love the smile Papa Bob has on his face and the look in his eyes.  Anyone who knows my dad knows he doesn't smile a lot.  But when he is in the company of Baby Doll and Buddy Boy he smiles from ear to ear.
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