Today I had a conversation with my sister, Dwana, today.  We were discussing when did I become "Polly Homemaker".  "Polly Homemaker" is a person I created who is this domesticated goddess.  I don't feel I was Polly before I became a SAHM. 

So what prompted this conversation?

I wanted to know if I could freeze bananas.  I have some bananas on the counter that I just didn't want to go bad.  You in this economy you cannot afford to waste.  So I asked my sister and she didn't know.  So I googled it.  And for those wondering, yes you can freeze bananas.  You can freeze them in their peel, you can peel them and freeze them.  Or you can even peel them, slice them and freeze them sliced and then they can become real handy when making smoothies.

So there is nothing wrong with Polly.  I just wanted to know when I became her.

*Today's picture has nothing to do with Polly.  It is just the picture I decided to post!

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Ashley @ 365 things said...

I freeze bananas all the time! I actually cut them in half and freeze them that way (peeled).

Know whats good? Take a couple of bananas and put them in a food processor and it will turn into banana ice cream. Delish! You could also add a little cocoa powder or even frozen strawberries for different flavors. :)

by Agent311 said...

interesting. I'll have to pass that along to folks who like bananas :)

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