My baby is not a baby anymore!

My hubby cut Buddy Boy's hair today.  I will admit, I had been reluctant to cut his hair.  I realized it didn't want to cut it because I knew it meant my baby ain't no baby no more.  I just loved the blond curly locks.  But according to my hubby the curly locks was really nappy hair in disguise.  Don't let the blond fool you.  His hair was nappy!

We worked as a team to cut his hair.  I held him down in the high chair while hubby cut.  So that is why I don't have pictures of the actual hair cut. 

I will admit he does look quite cute with his new haircut!

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1 comment:

mrembo said...

He looks so cute. I love how innocent his eyes look. Interesting shot of the hair, great lighting and composition!

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