I didn't even realize that today was the 100th day of my journey in my Project 365.  If you noticed, I got behind with posting my pics.  But I am not at home and it is a little hard to post everyday. 

Today my day was consumed with packing all my things up and leaving my family and going back home.  I will miss my family but it feels good to go home to my bed, my living room, my bathroom, my kitchen etc.  I love spending time with my family but I also love spending time in my home.

While I was gone I did not keep up with a lot of my regular TV programs.  Since I have DVR, I didn't worry too much with seeing everything.  Speaking of DVRs, check out my friend Amber and her thoughts on the DVR.

So when I got home I was glad to see my couch and the remote.  The next few days will be spent trying to catch up with all the shows I missed.

And congrats to all my other fellow bloggers who made it to day 100!
~:: I welcome your constructive feedback and comments::~

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