Yesterday we had a date night but the date night almost didn't happen.  I took the babies to my friend's house and was getting the babies situated.  All of sudden Buddy Boy just starts crying and wont stop.  I offer food, water, love to no avail.  Finally I think he must have a stinky diaper.  Nope that wasn't it.  Then I had a flashback of when Buddy Boy was 9 months old and he did a similar thing.  I took off his shoes.  Yes, this is Buddy Boy's way of telling me that his shoes are too small now.  I thought I had a few more weeks before he out grew these shoes.  The shoes are a size 5.5.  He definitely will take after his daddy.

I did order him a new pair from Zappos.  So hopefully they will be here soon!
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Today I was able to have an impromptu date night with my hubby. Let me tell you how it all happened.  I called a friend to see if her family and she wanted to go for a evening walk.  Instead of going for a walk she suggested I bring the kids over and leave them so we could have a date night.  I did not pass up the offer. 

So we went bowling with some of my hubby's coworkers and had a good time.  I told my hubby I hadn't got a picture for my blog so he posed for me!  Its not too often that he does.  Ain't he handsome?!!

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Dear God,

Please send some sunshine and warm weather my way. Thank you

I really don't mind the winter but I do like the spring too!

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Did I Click it Up a Notch?

Well I think so.  So I am entering my favorite picture of April into the Click it Up a Notch contest.  I know I will be among many great photographers but it is still fun to enter and see others pictures.  It inspires me to see the pictures others take.

So this picture was taken Easter Eve.  We took the babies to an Easter Egg Hunt.  Somehow I managed a photo of Baby Doll while she was in my arms.  We were waiting for the egg hunt to start.  I hope you enjoy!

Click it Up a Notch

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When my family relocated, I looked for ways to meet other people.  Since I was becoming a SAHM, I needed to find ways to have adult time and adult conversations. 

So I looked for the local mothers of twins group.  I was familiar with the organization back home because of the large "garage" sales they have twice a year.  So I was able to find a club near me.

Double Love Mothers of Twins meets once a month.  It is a time that I get to get away from my house and socialize.

Tonight we had an appreciation dinner for people other than our husbands who have helped us with our twins.  I wanted to invite my whole support system from back home but I didn't think they were willing to drive 5 hours.  I did invite someone who I have met who has helped me out since I have been here.  Unfortunately she couldn't make it.

So anyway...back to the dinner.  We had a nice catered dinner and everyone brought a side dish or dessert.  I volunteered for a dessert and I made my World Famous Banana Pudding.  Well maybe it is not world famous, but it is delicious.  Hopefully my picture does it justice!

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So my mother is doing better but they want her to stay one more night.  They want to make sure she is ready for the car ride home.  So she should be released sometime on Wednesday.  Yay!

So my children have further convinced me they do not need expensive toys.  See yesterday's post for some background information. 

Buddy Boy has found a new toy.  A pillow case.  He likes to put it on his head and walk around.  Normally he covers his face and bumps into everything.  The little Stevie Wonder will even play the piano with his face covered.  For this pic he kept his face out so he could pose...such a ham.  I wonder where he gets that from? Hmmmm?

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Easter is over and it is back to normal.  But what is normal?

Unfortunatley  early this morning my mother got ill and we had to call the paramedics for her.  Needless to say I really didn't take too many pictures today.  Before you worry, my mother is doing fine and she will be released hopefully tomorrow so that she can go back home.

In this picture Baby Doll has found fun in the laundry basket.  I posted a similar picture like this before of Buddy Boy in the basket.  I wonder...why do we spend so much money on toys when they like the simple things...a laundry basket!

On a sidenote...her hair was freshly washed and nicely done! Ha!
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Happy Easter!

This is the first Easter I have spent away from my family.  All my life I have lived near my family and now I am about 5 hours away from my family.

But the good thing is my parents came to spend Easter with me, the kids and my hubby.  I am so glad the weather cooperated and they were able to come.

I didn't take too many pics because I was in charge of dinner.  Usually that is my mom's responsibility but I cooked the whole dinner.  I did have a little help from Honey Baked Ham and Jewel-Osco Bakery!  But for the most part I cooked dinner.

So the babies were surprised to see Nana and Papa Bob in their house.  I think they are truly enjoying the visit from their grandparents. 

I just love this picture because the I love the smile Papa Bob has on his face and the look in his eyes.  Anyone who knows my dad knows he doesn't smile a lot.  But when he is in the company of Baby Doll and Buddy Boy he smiles from ear to ear.
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Happy Easter Eve!

Today we took the babies to an Easter Egg Hunt.  Last year I took the babies for an egg hunt but they were only 3 months, so they didn't do too much hunting.

Today was nice.  Considering the weather we have had for the past week, today was a reprieve of all the bad weather. 

So the babies did ok.  Buddy Boy didn't want to pick up eggs but rather run and cry.  Baby Doll did pick up a few eggs.  She just didn't understand to put it in her basket.

In this picture I was holding Baby Doll while we waited for the festivities to begin.  
**I am entering this picture in the Click it up a Notch contest!!!***
I think I have clicked up a notch!

Click it Up a Notch

This here, is an actual action shot.  Too bad all the other kids picked up all the eggs.  She was just running around looking for an egg. 

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Today I had a conversation with my sister, Dwana, today.  We were discussing when did I become "Polly Homemaker".  "Polly Homemaker" is a person I created who is this domesticated goddess.  I don't feel I was Polly before I became a SAHM. 

So what prompted this conversation?

I wanted to know if I could freeze bananas.  I have some bananas on the counter that I just didn't want to go bad.  You in this economy you cannot afford to waste.  So I asked my sister and she didn't know.  So I googled it.  And for those wondering, yes you can freeze bananas.  You can freeze them in their peel, you can peel them and freeze them.  Or you can even peel them, slice them and freeze them sliced and then they can become real handy when making smoothies.

So there is nothing wrong with Polly.  I just wanted to know when I became her.

*Today's picture has nothing to do with Polly.  It is just the picture I decided to post!

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I couldn't decide which pair of shoes to buy Baby Doll.  So, I bought both.  They are a little big for her now but I wanted her to at least be able to wear them the whole summer and maybe into the fall.  Luckily she liked both pair of shoes.  I think I have created a monster.  I tried them on her and she loved walking around in her new shoes.  I think she will be like her mommy and have thousands of shoes and purses!

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In order to not get bored with this project, I have trying to think of ideas of pictures to include.  I don't want the blog to be boring to me and those who choose to read this blog.

So the other day, I had a dream.  It was revealed to me what I should do.  Then when I tried to recall what the dream was, I couldn't remember.  I told myself it will come back to me eventually.

So I did as normal, take pictures through out the day.  Upload them on the the computer and edit and pick my favorite.  As I was editing, it all came back to me.

I want to take a picture of an everyday object.  And by using editing, crop the picture and post the cropped picture and have people guess what the object is.  In theory it sounds great.  So I will see if it is a good idea or not. 

So with out further adieu..

So post in the comments what you think it is or if you are looking at this from Facebook, comment on Facebook.

Oh...there is no prize for guessing the correct answer...just the satisfaction that you got it right. 

Then when you get done guessing take a look at my friend Amber's blog.  We had a good time laughing at her daughter today.  O should I say we had a good time laughing at her antics!

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A few weeks ago I posted a picture of my cousin and some of her artwork that was on display at the local mall.  I really enjoy getting her artwork and I really enjoy it now since I don't get to see her as much since moving.

This is a picture she drew of me and my family.  That's me on the far left.  Baby Doll and Buddy Boy are in their car seats.  That is my dad and mom in the center.  My husband is on the far right. 

She is so detailed in her pictures.  She pics the right color for our skin.  She even makes my hair look two toned, which it is.  I really like her details in how I look like a size 6!  For that reason alone I love this picture!

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I couldn't believe my eyes when I came downstairs this morning.


Are you serious?  It is the middle of April and there is snow on the ground.  I am going to need some warm and sunny weather to come real soon.  I have an Easter Egg Hunt to attend to in a few days!

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My baby is not a baby anymore!

My hubby cut Buddy Boy's hair today.  I will admit, I had been reluctant to cut his hair.  I realized it didn't want to cut it because I knew it meant my baby ain't no baby no more.  I just loved the blond curly locks.  But according to my hubby the curly locks was really nappy hair in disguise.  Don't let the blond fool you.  His hair was nappy!

We worked as a team to cut his hair.  I held him down in the high chair while hubby cut.  So that is why I don't have pictures of the actual hair cut. 

I will admit he does look quite cute with his new haircut!

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Today I took two more of the required test in order to get my teacher license in the state of Illinois.  These test are just money makers for the state and take up too much of my time!

So I had to go searching again for my #2 pencils and pencil sharpener.  Who really just keeps #2 pencils sitting around the house if you don't have school aged children?

So I will get the results of these test in a month and I have one more I have to take in June.  Once I pass all these test I will be fully licensed.
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I have probably said this before but one of my favorite alcoholic beverages is wine.  I can thank my friend Lakita for first introducing me to wine.  I think the first wine that I ever tasted was White Zinfandel.  So for the longest that was my favorite.

I tried Merlot, Shiraz, Chardonnay, Riesling, Chenin Blanc and Moscato.  I was first introduced to Moscato by a friend of a family.  She bought my first bottle as a house warming gift.  And since then, Moscato has been like my new BFF.

So last night I picked this cheap bottle of Moscato.  It was $5.  For $5 it is pretty decent. 

So this Friday night will be pretty decent.

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We try our hardest to child proof our house for the babies.  What seems to be easiest is to set up the living room into a playroom for the babies.  So we have strategically placed rubbermaid bins in places to keep them from getting out of the playroom.

Well Buddy Boy is showing me that my strategically placed bin is no longer effective. 

Here he is showing me how to get over the bin.  Luckily he just sits on top of it and hasn't figured how to get over.  I expect him to figure that out in a few days. 

So back to the drawing board of how to keep the babies safe in the playroom.

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Today I was not really inspired to take a picture today so that explains the picture of my son's dump truck.  I just wasn't in a picture taking mood today.

So to try and make the picture better I edited in Picnik to see if I would like it. 

I'll try it again when I am in a better picture taking mood. 

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I am truly blessed to have the family that I have. When I say family I mean my immediate family, extended family and my in-laws.  When we found it we were having twins we were excited and worried at the same time.  The thought of having two babies at once was very daunting.

But now 15 months into it, it is not as bad as I imagined.  But I have to say having a supporting family is what has helped the most.  Although we are miles away from our family they are very supporting.

The babies have never went without.  We still have family members showering us with gifts for the babies.  Just while we were home we got books, toys and diapers.  My family jumped in and took care of the babies so I could have some much needed me time.

Here are some of the books I got while at home to add to our collection of books.

So this post is dedicated to all my family that has been there for us and the twins.  Love ya!

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Life is back to normal.  Back home with the kids.  The good thing is when we left on our visit back home it was cold.  Now it has warmed up and it is beginning to look and feel a little like spring.  Unfortunately today, we didn't enjoy the outdoor elements.  There was so much for me to do around the house that we stayed in.  But I do plan to get out with the babies and enjoy the weather.

Here is Buddy Boy playing with one of his many toys. 

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I didn't even realize that today was the 100th day of my journey in my Project 365.  If you noticed, I got behind with posting my pics.  But I am not at home and it is a little hard to post everyday. 

Today my day was consumed with packing all my things up and leaving my family and going back home.  I will miss my family but it feels good to go home to my bed, my living room, my bathroom, my kitchen etc.  I love spending time with my family but I also love spending time in my home.

While I was gone I did not keep up with a lot of my regular TV programs.  Since I have DVR, I didn't worry too much with seeing everything.  Speaking of DVRs, check out my friend Amber and her thoughts on the DVR.

So when I got home I was glad to see my couch and the remote.  The next few days will be spent trying to catch up with all the shows I missed.

And congrats to all my other fellow bloggers who made it to day 100!
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Today my family laid to rest the matriarch of our family.  My aunt passed away Monday, April 4, 2011.  I am glad that I was able to travel and spend some time with my aunt in her last few days.  Today was a sad day but we celebrated the life she lived.  She lived a good life and she had a relationship with Christ.  I know that my aunt will be in heaven and is in a better place. 

These are some of the flowers my sister got from the cemetery where our aunt was buried.

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I hope I did this delicious tangerine justice with this photo.  This tangerine was so sweet and juicy I just had to get a picture of it.  So i played with the settings on my camera to see if I could get some better pictures.  It looks like I did manage to do something right.  I still need to read the manual.  Hopefully in a week I will have completed that.

~:: I welcome your constructive feedback and comments::~



Today I had the pleasure of viewing some artwork of an up-and-coming artist.  My little cousin's artwork was showcased in the local mall.  She was selected among other students at her school to have her artwork on display. 

Here is proud mama taking a picture of her daughter and the artwork.  Her artwork is the picture to the right of the three-headed monster.

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My little vacation will be coming to an end soon.  The funeral for my aunt will be Saturday and the babies and I will be going home.  I have really enjoyed my time here and I think the babies are having fun with their cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Since getting here, I had to buy a new camera.  I am still learning this camera.  Although it is just a little point and shoot camera, I still need to get used to it.  I really like my camera that broke but I do remember when I first got that camera I had to get used to that one as well. 

I say all this because I do not like the pictures that I am getting.  Since I cannot cheat and retake pictures, I have to post pictures that I am really not happy with.  My normal routine is to take mass pictures and look at them and make sure I like a few that I can edit and then post later in the evening.  Since I am not at home, I have changed the routine.  I still take a lot of pictures but I am only posting every-other-day or even longer.  So sometimes I look at my pics and hate all of them.

I haven't had time to look at the manual for the camera.  I am not a manual type of persaon.  Well not initially.  I like to play around and see what I can do on my own.  Then eventually I will read the manual for stuff I can't figure out.

So a lot of these pictures have this white haze in the pictures.  So anybody that knows how I can correct this please help.  I think maybe it has to do with white balance because I have played with that setting and I am seeing some differences.  I just want to make sure it is not the camera that is the problem but the camera operator.

So this horrible pic is of the babies and their cousins in the bouncy house.  Yes, my aunt has a bouncy house in her basement.  It comes in handy an hour or two before bedtime. We put all four kids in and let them have at it!  Needless to say, all four kids sleeep well!

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When I was younger, I took piano lessons.  I took lessons for maybe 5 or 6 years.  I never was as good as my sister.  I remember when we were younger she played this song and I would do a dance to it.  And those who know me, know that I am one rhythmless Black person.  But I enjoyed doing my pirouttes and pliĆ© to my sisters song.

Maybe she will play the song for me this weekend and I can reminisce of the good old days. 

I am entering the Fabulous Friday Challenge again.  I am competing with some serious photographers.  But my goal is to keep entering and by the time the end of the year comes, I will have increased my skills and may win!  This gives me motivation to continue taking pictures and I love looking at other's pictures.  Seeing other pictures gives me inspiration and I learn from them as well.



Today was the bitter part of my bittersweet visit home.  My aunt passed away this evening.  I am at peace with her passing because I know that she is in a better place now.

This afternoon we got a phone call to go to the nursing home because my aunt would not make it through the night.  I took my mom to see her older sister one more time.  I am grateful we were able to spend some time with her.

In this picture my mom is getting cheered up by Baby Doll.  I got a phone call this afternoon about the news of my aunt.  The hardest thing I had to do was tell my mother her sister had passed away.

If you are reading this post, please keep my family in your prayers.



While visiting at home I am helping my mom get out and about.  See my father does a wonderful job of taking care of her and taking her out.  But I know he appreciates the help.  My dad truly shows the meaning of "in sickness and in health."

Almost 2 years ago, a doctor advised us to stop all medical treatments with my mother and put her in hospice.  When my mother realized what he wanted us to do she said oh no!  She told that doctor she had two grand babies on the way.

So here is my mother almost 2 years later proving the doctor wrong.  We went out grocery shopping and visited her sister.

Later on I cooked dinner and she baked an apple pie.

I wonder if she knows I took this picture of her!



I am still enjoying my time back home with my family and friends.  As I said before this is a bittersweet visit and today was part of the sweet. 

The day started great when I took the babies to their grandparents to spend the whole day and night!  I was so excited to get a break and spend some time with my BFFs.

We did pedi's and I got my brows waxed.  I really should have put the picture of my brows here because they did an awful job.  We went to a cosmetology school and one of my eyebrows looks like I am saying "huh?" while the other one is furrowed?  Really it is that bad!

To make myself feel better we had a nice dinner at Cracker Barrel. 

This evening was spent at the casino.  My luck was a little better at the casino.  I won $24!  Before you laugh, that is 24 more dollars than I had an hour ago.  So I was happy.

So I was determined to get a picture because I didn't want to showcase my horrible eyebrows.  Just before we got in the car, I saw this hat in the car parked next to us.  I found the hat to be a little racists.  But then I chuckled and thought the person who owns it must be ok with it.  I always felt Redneck had a negative connotation and paired with the Confederate flag, makes it racist to me.  But I do live in a free America where this is ok to do. 

Quarterly Top 5

Click it Up a Notch
So now I have the task of picking my top 5 photos of my children from January-March.  This is what I came up with:
Not only do I have a beautiful daughter, I have a beautiful ghost that lives with me!  Needless to say, I had to take the curtains down so she would not play in the curtains again.

Here the babies are trying to make sense of what snow is.  Although they were born in the winter, this is the first time they had actually seen it fall and accumulate. 

Here Buddy Boy has mastered running a few days after learning to walk.  Thank goodness at this time I only had one baby walking.

I just love this picture of Buddy Boy.  He was exhausted after a day of shopping with the family

This following picture was from a Joy of Love project I did.  In this assignment we had to post a picture from when we met someone we love and how they are now.  So I created this picture of my daughter to show how she has changed in a year. 




My cousin and I decided to be a little silly on this April Fool's Day.  I didn't play any tricks on anyone nor did I get tricked.  How was your April Fool's Day?
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