Like I said in yesterday's post, the babies and I are at my aunts.  We planned to have a slumber party with the babies, my aunt, her daughter (my cousin) and her children (my cousins too).  I was excited to get the babies with their cousins to play.  Prior to us moving, they spent every day with my cousins.  My aunt use to babysit my babies and my cousins all together. 

So this morning we decided to have dancing hour.  Don't ask me what we were listening to but it was some Kidz Bop CD.  This was the best picture I could get of all the kids dancing.  But it looks like only one kid is really dancing.

So being around her cousins, Baby Doll improved her walking.  Before coming down she was taking a step here and there.  But now I officially have 2 walking babies! 

Pray for me....

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