The babies and I took a small little road trip and we are home with our family.  I didn't expect for us to come back so soon but some things have come up that required me to come home.  If you read between the lines what that really means is I am homesick and I packed the babies up and we came home.  LOL.  So we are enjoying this time with my parents and visiting other family members. 

So Buddy Boy is having a good time with his Papa Bob.  Speaking of Buddy Boy, let me explain his nickname.  Papa Bob, my dad, is the one who gave him that name.  He makes up nicknames for all the kids.  But for some reason Buddy Boy stuck.  He answers to Buddy Boy and his given name.  I am glad that we could come down and the babies are enjoying their time with their Papa Bob and Nana.  I am glad to be home too because this will be an opportunity for some different photo opps.

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Ashley @ 365 things said...

My MIL has nicknames for everyone. I love that!

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