I received this coffee mug after the babies were born from my cousins.  Although I don't consider myself a new mommy anymore, the saying on the mug is still true.  I am too blessed to be stressed. 

Last night was a rough night.  The babies are really good sleepers and have been since they were 3 months.  Last night there was a slight blip in the plan.  I went out for some mommy time and daddy would put the babies to bed.  Well in theory that sounded good.  I came home to a sick daddy and Baby Doll was wide awake watching the news.  So I stayed up with Baby Doll till she knocked out. 

The problem was I had a cup of coffee at 8pm.  So then mommy was up late watching American Idol (thank goodness for DVRs). 

I told my sister about my adventures last night and came to the conclusion about my addiction to caffeine.  It is not an addiction to coffee but caffeine because I snack on chocolate during the day.  But the conclusion, is this is a vicious cycle.  I wake up tired.  I drink 2-3 big cups of coffee to get me going.  By the time the babies nap, I am too wired to nap also.  Then I get the shakes when nap time is over so I eat chocolate.  Then come seven or eight, I am tired again.  But my day is not over.  I drink more coffee to get through baths and bedtime for the babies.  Then I am up at night playing silly facebook games!  So its just a cycle that is hard to break!

So I have completely digressed on this post.  But I do have a question for fellow photographers.  How do I get the camera to focus on my son who is sitting behind the coffee mug and not the coffee mug?

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Ashley @ 365 things said...

No clue, but I like it just the way it is!

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