One of the Joy of Luck assignments was to photograph seven of my favorite material things.  So it took some time for me to think of seven of my favorite things.  I will start in the top left corner and go clockwise:

  1. My new favorite headband.  I found this at Target and I love it.  I like the flower and it looks like it is made from leather or pleather.  But regardless, I love it.  I love it because a lot of headbands have the teeth in it but this one does not.  The teeth in the headbands mess up my hair.
  2. My favorite makeup.  I have been using Mac makeup for a while now and I love their foundation Studio Tech. 
  3. My favorite beverage (besides wine!).  I love coffee.  I drink 2-3 cups everyday.
  4. My favorite bedtime story to read to the babies.  The babies got this book for their birthday and they love it.  I am not sure who loves it more, me or them.  But every night when we go to bed Buddy Boy goes to the bin of books and picks that out for me to read. 
  5. My favorite food....cheese.  A while ago I was having problems with my gall bladder and my doc said to stop eating cheese.  I said "are you crazy?!!!  Just take out my gall bladder".  I got my gall bladder removed shortly after that.  That is how much I love cheese.
  6. My new favorite purse.  My hubby says I have too many purses.  I think I may have 30-40.  I don't know but I don't think that is enough.  If he thought I had too many why did he buy that one for me?
  7. My favorite piece of jewelry.  This is my engagement band and wedding band.  About a year ago I lost the diamond in the engagement band in a swimming pool.  Luckily when my hubby bought the ring he got the insurance and we got it replaced for FREE! 


Jennifer Thompson said...

Great collage! I love that head band.
What program do you use for editing?

robYn! said...

I use picassa. its free through google.

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