The theme for Joy of Luck: Day 3 was symbols of luck.  So I knew immediately what I wanted to take a picture of.  My ladybug tattoo.  This is one of five of my tattoos.  Originally, I got the ladybug tattoo about five or six years ago.  Actually, my hubby who was my boyfriend at the time, got it for me.  I got the ladybug because I knew it was a symbol for luck.  On my shoulder in an Ankh...I'll discuss that in another post.

In September, I got my ladybug redone and added two flowers.  The two flowers represent my twins.

Now I will admit, this is not one of my best pictures.  But I had to stand in the bathroom mirror and use a hand mirror to see what I was looking at.  I have to work on taking better pics in the mirror!

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