Today's prompt for Joy of Luck was greenThis prompt could be taken literal or symbolically.  I chose the literal option.  For these photos, I went to my backyard.  Now I have taken pictures of ducks geese in my backyard, but I stood at the door and utilized my zoom.  This was actually the first time I really walked around the backyard since moving.  So I took some pictures of a pine tree (I know someone will read this and tell me the specific type of tree.  I actually am hoping someone will do that because I don't know what it is other than it is a pine tree.) 

I actually had a hard time picking my favorite pic.  They really are the same but I had fun editing the pics.  So I will let you vote and tell me which one you like best.






Jennifer Thompson said...

They are all great Robyn. My favorite one is #4.
Is this the tree your twins are going to be climbing soon? lol.

sherry said...

I like #4, too! Great job, Robyn!!

by Agent311 said...

i like #1. did you finally get photoshop?

robYn! said...

I am glad at least 3 people voted!!! and no I didn't get photoshop...using picasa.

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