One thing I miss about home is playing spades with my BFF and her boyfriend.  Since moving we have not found another couple yet to play spades so this is always fun to get together and play spades.  We usally play women versus the men.  I have to say me and my BFF make a good team!  I am pretty sure the men will beg to differ but that is where we will agree to disagree.

We have all liked to play cards.  Two years ago there was a city wide blackout and we didn't have anything to do but sit there and stare at each other.  So we got candles and cards and played cards under the candlelight.  I think that is when we really got into doing women vs. men. 

I miss these good times with my BFF and her boyfriend.  I look forward to the next time we will get together. 


Dwana said...

Please tell me you guys beat the men!!

Jennifer Thompson said...

I'm with Dwana...you guys beat them right?
I bet you guys have shared many a laugh while playing cards! We enjoy getting together with good friends and playing euchre.

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