Like I said in yesterday's post, the babies and I are at my aunts.  We planned to have a slumber party with the babies, my aunt, her daughter (my cousin) and her children (my cousins too).  I was excited to get the babies with their cousins to play.  Prior to us moving, they spent every day with my cousins.  My aunt use to babysit my babies and my cousins all together. 

So this morning we decided to have dancing hour.  Don't ask me what we were listening to but it was some Kidz Bop CD.  This was the best picture I could get of all the kids dancing.  But it looks like only one kid is really dancing.

So being around her cousins, Baby Doll improved her walking.  Before coming down she was taking a step here and there.  But now I officially have 2 walking babies! 

Pray for me....



The babies and I are making our rounds and visiting family and friends while home.  Now we are staying with my aunt for a few days.  I didn't have too much time to take pictures today.  But I took a few pictures of the figurines in the bedroom I slept in.  We call it the African Room.  All the decorations in there have an "African" theme.  I guess this horse is supposed to be African...who knows?  But I liked the picture that I took.



So yesterday after I took a few pics my camera broke!  I mean for real it really broke.  That is no good considering I am only 88 days into this 365 day project.

I own two cameras.  I have had a small little cannon compact camera.  It was great for when I am on the go and it slips into my purse or diaper bag.  Then I have a Fuji camera that I use around the house.  I hope to replace the Fuji with a Cannon or Nikon DSLR sometime this year. 

So I ran out to Best Buy this morning to get my hands on a new compact camera.  So I got a Nikon Coolpix 12.1 mp compact camera.  So I am trying to learn this camera.  I am not one to read manuals initially.  I try to figure it out on my own and then later I will read the manual.

Today's picture is of a tree in my parents yard.  Do you know I never noticed that this tree gets red buds on it during the spring.  I lived in this house for maybe 15 years and never noticed it.  The things you notice when trying to find things to take pictures of. 

I am not sure it is my best picture but I am working on learning this new camera.



My visit home is a bittersweet visit.  I am happy to visit my family and friends but the bitter part is I came to visit an aunt in hospice care.  Today I took the babies to visit with their great aunt.  She was happy to have us come and visit with her today. 

I snapped this photo of an over sized checkers game that was in the lounge. 



W-I N-T-O-N Winton aahh ahh Woods aahh aahh!  I went into my old bedroom at my parents house and found my high school graduation tassle.  Memories!  It feels good to be home.



The babies and I took a small little road trip and we are home with our family.  I didn't expect for us to come back so soon but some things have come up that required me to come home.  If you read between the lines what that really means is I am homesick and I packed the babies up and we came home.  LOL.  So we are enjoying this time with my parents and visiting other family members. 

So Buddy Boy is having a good time with his Papa Bob.  Speaking of Buddy Boy, let me explain his nickname.  Papa Bob, my dad, is the one who gave him that name.  He makes up nicknames for all the kids.  But for some reason Buddy Boy stuck.  He answers to Buddy Boy and his given name.  I am glad that we could come down and the babies are enjoying their time with their Papa Bob and Nana.  I am glad to be home too because this will be an opportunity for some different photo opps.



I am so proud of my accomplishment today.  I created my own button for my blog and a link so that you can grab my button too.  It was actually easier than what I thought it was.  But here is my button for now.  It is a work in progress.  So if you feel inclined...grab it!

robYn’s Project 365

So my picture for today is of some tree/bush in my backyard.  As you all know, my thumb isn't green so I don't know what type of tree/bush it is.  But what I do know is, it is spring and this tree/bush should be turning green and not looking like it is dead.  I just thought this was an interesting pic for today.  Nothing special going on in my world today!



I received this coffee mug after the babies were born from my cousins.  Although I don't consider myself a new mommy anymore, the saying on the mug is still true.  I am too blessed to be stressed. 

Last night was a rough night.  The babies are really good sleepers and have been since they were 3 months.  Last night there was a slight blip in the plan.  I went out for some mommy time and daddy would put the babies to bed.  Well in theory that sounded good.  I came home to a sick daddy and Baby Doll was wide awake watching the news.  So I stayed up with Baby Doll till she knocked out. 

The problem was I had a cup of coffee at 8pm.  So then mommy was up late watching American Idol (thank goodness for DVRs). 

I told my sister about my adventures last night and came to the conclusion about my addiction to caffeine.  It is not an addiction to coffee but caffeine because I snack on chocolate during the day.  But the conclusion, is this is a vicious cycle.  I wake up tired.  I drink 2-3 big cups of coffee to get me going.  By the time the babies nap, I am too wired to nap also.  Then I get the shakes when nap time is over so I eat chocolate.  Then come seven or eight, I am tired again.  But my day is not over.  I drink more coffee to get through baths and bedtime for the babies.  Then I am up at night playing silly facebook games!  So its just a cycle that is hard to break!

So I have completely digressed on this post.  But I do have a question for fellow photographers.  How do I get the camera to focus on my son who is sitting behind the coffee mug and not the coffee mug?



One of the Joy of Luck assignments was to photograph seven of my favorite material things.  So it took some time for me to think of seven of my favorite things.  I will start in the top left corner and go clockwise:

  1. My new favorite headband.  I found this at Target and I love it.  I like the flower and it looks like it is made from leather or pleather.  But regardless, I love it.  I love it because a lot of headbands have the teeth in it but this one does not.  The teeth in the headbands mess up my hair.
  2. My favorite makeup.  I have been using Mac makeup for a while now and I love their foundation Studio Tech. 
  3. My favorite beverage (besides wine!).  I love coffee.  I drink 2-3 cups everyday.
  4. My favorite bedtime story to read to the babies.  The babies got this book for their birthday and they love it.  I am not sure who loves it more, me or them.  But every night when we go to bed Buddy Boy goes to the bin of books and picks that out for me to read. 
  5. My favorite food....cheese.  A while ago I was having problems with my gall bladder and my doc said to stop eating cheese.  I said "are you crazy?!!!  Just take out my gall bladder".  I got my gall bladder removed shortly after that.  That is how much I love cheese.
  6. My new favorite purse.  My hubby says I have too many purses.  I think I may have 30-40.  I don't know but I don't think that is enough.  If he thought I had too many why did he buy that one for me?
  7. My favorite piece of jewelry.  This is my engagement band and wedding band.  About a year ago I lost the diamond in the engagement band in a swimming pool.  Luckily when my hubby bought the ring he got the insurance and we got it replaced for FREE! 



I thought the first day of spring was on Sunday.  I think I have been bamboozled!  Yesterday was nice and the babies and I went out for a walk then today was the opposite.  It was COLD, RAINY, and WINDY!  I am not happy.  Thus my picture.  So I played with the editing settings so I could at least have fun with the picture.  The bad thing is I think the weather is only going to get worse for the week. 



Today's Joy of Luck assignment focused on what thing of things has brought me the most luck or joy.  The first thought is my beautiful twins.  From the day I knew I was having twins, they have brought me joy.  I remember it clearly.  It was June 17, 2009.  I was getting my ultrasound and the doctors confirmed that I was pregnant with twins.  I remember that day so clearly because it is my birthday also.

I feel so lucky to have twins and I am lucky to have a beuatiful boy and beuatiful girl.  Not too many people can say they are the parents of twins.

I feel even more lucky now.  Originally, after having the babies, I went back to work.  We had a strong family support system that made childcare very affordable.  But now since we have relocated, I have become a SAHM for now.  I am doing this by choice and I am lucky that we are in a situaiton that I am able to stay home with the babies.

The picture above are the hats the hospital provided for them when they were born.



The theme for Joy of Luck: Day 3 was symbols of luck.  So I knew immediately what I wanted to take a picture of.  My ladybug tattoo.  This is one of five of my tattoos.  Originally, I got the ladybug tattoo about five or six years ago.  Actually, my hubby who was my boyfriend at the time, got it for me.  I got the ladybug because I knew it was a symbol for luck.  On my shoulder in an Ankh...I'll discuss that in another post.

In September, I got my ladybug redone and added two flowers.  The two flowers represent my twins.

Now I will admit, this is not one of my best pictures.  But I had to stand in the bathroom mirror and use a hand mirror to see what I was looking at.  I have to work on taking better pics in the mirror!



Spring is around the corner.  Thank you Jesus!  Today we spent most of the day out the house.  It was nice to get out and I think the babies enjoyed being out.  This picture is of Buddy Boy while we were out and he missed his nap while we were out.  But I have to say, the babies were really good considering we left after breakfast and came home around dinner.  They probably each had about a 20 minute nap.  This picture I was playing with some of the editing settings to get a different (dramatic) effect.  I am learning that part of good picture taking is also the editing process.  So what do you think of my dramatic effects on this picture.



Today's prompt for Joy of Luck was greenThis prompt could be taken literal or symbolically.  I chose the literal option.  For these photos, I went to my backyard.  Now I have taken pictures of ducks geese in my backyard, but I stood at the door and utilized my zoom.  This was actually the first time I really walked around the backyard since moving.  So I took some pictures of a pine tree (I know someone will read this and tell me the specific type of tree.  I actually am hoping someone will do that because I don't know what it is other than it is a pine tree.) 

I actually had a hard time picking my favorite pic.  They really are the same but I had fun editing the pics.  So I will let you vote and tell me which one you like best.







This week I am participating in a free web photography class.  This class is similar to the Joy of Love class I took in February.  This one is the Joy of Luck class.  Hopefully I will be a little more successful at this class than I was at the other one.  But this class is only a week long and since I am starting to get in a rut as to what to take a picture of, this will help, at least for the next seven days. 

So today's prompt was luck.  I am to capture an inanimate object that shows something others may feel I am lucky for.  So it took me a while to decide what to take a picture of.  I thought about pictures of my degrees.  But the pictures didn't look good.  So I had to think of something else.  So then Ilooked on my bookshelf.

I have a commemorative book on President Obama.  I purchased it shortly after his historical inauguration.  So the picture above is the Obama book.  I chose this because, I feel that I am lucky to have lived to see the first African-American president of the United States.  Not only did I vote in the historical election, I traveled to D.C. for the inauguration.  I was lucky to be able get tickets and go to D.C. for the inauguration.



In the winter I like to eat a lot of soups, stews, and chili.  Your basic comfort food.  Heck, I just like to eat and I like to cook.  So this my version of White Chicken Chili.  My hopes is this is the last time I have to cook it this season because it will be getting warmer.  So here is the link to the recipe.  Of course I add some of my own ingredients to make it my version. 



Today the babies and I went on an adventure.  We went grocery shopping.  This was my first attempt at going grocery shopping with them.  Now we have been to Wal-mart and Target but those trips were usually quick trips.  So the grocery store I went to has the carts that has the double seats.  I think the babies enjoyed getting out the house.  We only had one mishap.  As I was picking jars of baby food, Buddy Boy decided he wanted to help.  As you can see it didn't quite make it into the cart! 

The lesson I learned was not to leave him so close to the shelf...he is going to do a little shopping of his own.



Its back to normal for me.  We are just returning from visiting our family.  This weekend was a little hard with the time change and the babies.  The babies internal clock is set to central time.  So visiting family, we have to adjust them to eastern standard time.  Well this weekend was different.  Not only did we have to adjust them to eastern time but then we sprung forward!  Then we come home back to central time after we sprung forward!  But it wasn't as bad as I thought.  I only had to get up once last night to a crying baby.

So today was back to normal.  We stayed around the house because mommy's internal clock was "out of fix" (you have to be from my family to understand "out of fix").  So I caught this picture of the babies as I was updating my blog earlier today.  Baby Girl was watching me as her brother is pulling her pigtail. 



I had a special request from my cousin that this be the next entry in my Project 365 Blog.  So here are the babies with their great-cousin.  I started this blog as a way to keep myself with not being so bored with staying at home and doing something I enjoy.  Now I realize that this blog is a way that my family can keep connected with me.  I really didn't know how many of my family members follow this blog.  Not everyone leaves comments but now I know they are reading.  And that gives me motivation to keep on taking pictures and blogging.  It has gotten hard in the last few weeks to come up with new picture ideas.  But I think I've got my second wind now! 



One thing I miss about home is playing spades with my BFF and her boyfriend.  Since moving we have not found another couple yet to play spades so this is always fun to get together and play spades.  We usally play women versus the men.  I have to say me and my BFF make a good team!  I am pretty sure the men will beg to differ but that is where we will agree to disagree.

We have all liked to play cards.  Two years ago there was a city wide blackout and we didn't have anything to do but sit there and stare at each other.  So we got candles and cards and played cards under the candlelight.  I think that is when we really got into doing women vs. men. 

I miss these good times with my BFF and her boyfriend.  I look forward to the next time we will get together. 



I wish there was a spell check for people who decide to write on their car!  I hope the Boone Grove "Wresling" team is better at wrestling than spelling.  This is just ridiculous that you would allow your child to paint on your car and not even spell the sport they are active in correctly.  If I lived in Indiana, I definitely would not send my kids to Boone Grove schools!  This is hilarious.  



This is my car for the next week.  A Kia Soul.  I don't like it and I want my car back.  My hubby barely fits because of his height.  When we all pile in the car I feel like one of those clowns at the circus who piles into a car.  But I really am not complaining.  I am happy the I opted for rental car coverage on my car insurance. 

So my car is in the process of being repaired.  The insurance decided my car was repairable and not a total loss.  My hubby and I were so happy.  We did not want to buy a new car.  You have to understand my track record with cars.  My current car is the result of me totalling my other car.  And that car was a result of me totalling my first car.  So are you following me?  I have totalled 2 cars and I have been in a total 4 wrecks.  Not all 4 was my fault. 



Baby Doll was enjoying watching "The Fresh Beat Band" and had fun dancing and grooving to the music.  This picture was taken by my hubby today.  Sometimes I don't mind letting him take the picture.  Again another uneventful day in my house!  This weekend should be better because we will get to see some of our family.  



I am not Catholic but I do like the idea of Lent.  About 2 years ago, a Catholic friend explained what Lent was and I decided to participate.  So I asked my friends on Facebook what should I give up.  Some suggestions were
  • bread
  • cheese
  • Garret Popcorn
I know I cannot give up bread and cheese.  I remember when I was having problems with my gall bladder and my doctor said to give up cheese.  I told him he was crazy and to take out my gall bladder because I am not giving up cheese!  I don't think I can go with out either and considering I went to the store today specifically to buy some bread and cheese. 

Garret Popcorn is at least 45 minutes from my house, I don't see that as a sacrifice.  Since it is so far away, I may not even get any popcorn between now and Easter. 

I suggested chocolate but if you read my #64 blog entry you will understand why I can't do that. 

So I decided to give up Chipotle.  I could eat Chipotle everyday if I could afford it.  So my picture is of that delicious guacamole from Chipotle.  I had my last bit of Chipotle for dinner today in order to prepare for Lent. 



Today I got a lot accomplished but I didn't get anything done I had planned to do.  Since my car accident happened on the weekend, I just spoke to my claims representative.  Now the ball is rolling to get my car repaired.  So today was filled with driving across the city to sign some papers then driving back across the city to get a rental car.  I did get to look at my car but of course I forgot my camera!  So the only pic I got is one on my phone.

Today's picture is my Buddy Boy playing with his throw back radio.  Who had one of these radios when they were younger.  The babies love playing with it and fighting each other to play with it.  They don't quite understand how to wind it up.  So that is my job!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a more exciting picture...I can't wait for the spring!



How can you not love that sweet little face?  I love my children so much!  Today was is what we call a lazy Sunday.  We all lay around in our pajamas and just enjoy the time together as a family.  So not too much action happening in our house today.  It was so lazy I didn't even want to cook and we ordered pizza.  In this picture my baby girl is watching Blue's Clues. 



Today was supposed to be a good day and it started out as such.  First I had a cousin who lives near come and visit my family and I.  She surprised me and my hubby and said she would stay in with the babies and we could go out.  So we took advantage of the free time and worked out together at the gym.

This evening I made plans to have dinner with some sorors.  Anytime I can get out the house is always a plus in my mind.  So we met centrally at a nice restaurant and had a nice time chatting and eating.  So this is when the day starts to go downhill.

When I left the restaurant, it was slick out.  I didn't realize how slick it was till I was trying to gain control of my car and did not manage and ended up on the side of the road.  My car was left completely inoperable.  So here I am sitting on a road not knowing where I was in the cold and icy night.  So of course I called my hubby and he got the babies ready to come rescue mommy.

Since it was so icy and I was on a hill I opted to not sit in my car in fear of someone else coming down the hill and hitting me.  It was not a fun wait in the cold for my hubby.  Just before my hubby arrived then come arrives the police.  He saved me!  He allowed me to sit in the back of his cruiser while I waited for my hubby.  Do you know that the back of a police cruiser is not comfortable?

So the police got us a tow and filed a report.  I am lucky; he didn't write me a citation.  So how do the Hershey kissed relate to my story?  Well my hubby knew I was a little shaken.   This is my 3rd car wreck in 7 years.  So we stopped at the store and he got me some Hershey Kisses to put a smile on my face.  He knows me too well. 

So hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and I will here some OK news about my car.  



Buddy Boy has graduated from running/walking to running/walking on the couch.  I knew it would be only a matter of time before he started climbing on furniture.  Shortly after taking this picture he took a dive right into the floor.  I didn't rush to his aid because he wasn't crying.  He stood up, dusted himself off and got right back on the couch.  My theory was if he falls off, he will stop getting up there.  He proved my theory to be erroneous.  



Damn!  There is nothing else to say about this but more curse words. So I will refrain.



I am a reality show junky.  Since I am not working outside the house, I have really gotten into reality shows.  But one show that I have watched faithfully since the second season is American Idol.  My husband can tell you that every year I get excited about its return and then sometime during the season I vow to never watch it again.  I always feel that someone skates by who shouldn't.

So that brings me to this season.  I actually said since Simon did not return, I didn't want to watch it.  But I am glad I did.  I actually like the addition of Steven and Jenny from the block.  I think it makes the show fresh and new and it needed something.  But I do miss Simon and his ability to seek out talent.  Randy does a good job but I think Simon had an uncanny ability to know talent the minute he heard it.

So this is a picture of me getting ready to watch the ladies sing tonight.  I was sure hoping they were better than the men from last night.  I was not impressed by the men.  The only one who impressed me was the red headed boy.  So that tells you how much I was impressed because I don't know his name.  I wasn't too impressed with the ladies tonight either.  I felt like a lot of them were doing auditions for a Broadway production and not to be the next American Idol.  They only one who left an impression was Naima.  She is my pick for the season.  



Today we decided to look at some of the local gyms and see which one we can get the most bang for our buck.  This is a picture of the various brochures the gyms handed out to us.  We have got to get back in the gym.  We have gotten too fat and it is time to do something about it.  For me, I have gotten to comfortable in my skin and I need to get uncomfortable. 

So tomorrow we will pick one of these gyms and start our memberships.  Hopefully in a few months I will see the benefits of working out.  I need to get my body bikini ready for our family vacation in July (please note that is written in a sarcastic tone!)

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