Tomorrow my hubby and I will celebrate 8 years of being together.  In October we celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary.  He graciously allowed me to take his picture this morning for use in my blog today.  Anyone who knows my husband knows he gets irritated with me taking so many pictures.  I was able to catch this picture just before I got my morning kiss.

I am so thankful for my husband.  He works really hard so I can stay home with the babies.  He works and supports all of us and makes sure we have everything we need and want.  I admit I am spoiled and my husband helps at keeping me spoiled. 

So I dedicate this post to my hubby and all the other men out there who are providing for their families.  I appreciate all that you do for our family.  I am really blessed to have such a wonderful husband and father to my children. 



Hi, my name is Robyn and I am addicted to Garrett Popcorn.  I realized when I was preparing this entry to my blog, this is my second picture of Garrett Popcorn in one month.  So I have a problem.  But if you have tasted the sweet caramel and cheesy popcorn that they call the Chicago Mix, you would understand my problem.  So since moving to Chicago it is my new addiction along with coffee, chocolate and Chipotle.

So I suggest next time you are downtown Chicago to pick up a bag of the Chicago Mix.  You will not be sorry you did. 



No she is not strangling my baby.  This is how Auntie shows excitement when playing with the babies.  It has been since the babies birthday that my sister has spent any time with the babies.  So I am so lucky she is spending the weekend with us.  I know she only came to see us to see the babies.  She didn't have this much joy on her face when she saw me!  But I don't give big slobbery kisses like the babies do either!



So the babies found a new toy.  It amazing me that we as parents and loved ones spend all this money on toys and they want the simple things in life...a laundry basket.  I was on the computer minding my business as they were playing.  Then I noticed it got too quiet so I looked over and noticed their new toy.  We use the basket as a toy box.  So the babies take out all the toys and sit down in the basket. 

What is interesting in when they were babies, I used this very same basket to put them in.  I made bootleg bassinet with this basket, pillow and a sheet.  Both babies fit snugly in the basket and I could move them from room to room easily.  I guess they still remember those days.  And it was nice when we went to other people's house.  I just took the "bassinet" with us so the babies had a place to lay down.  Below is a picture of them when they could fit in their "bassinet"



So I decided to play with the time again on the camera.  I realized that I can set a custom timer on my camera.  So I set it to wait 10 seconds and take 10 pictures.  When I was done taking pictures I had 100 pictures.  I need to keep working with the timer and the best placement of the camera.  But this is a picture of a typical day at noon in my house.  So not too exciting! 



Oprah always talks about having "A-ha moments" and today I had an a-ha moment while looking at the girl scout cookies.  I realized why I do not set New Year's resolutions.  Especially resolutions around weight loss.  These cookies arrive just in time to throw you off your game.   I think there is something in these cookies.  Something like crack.  Why do we go so crazy over these cookies?  Oh these overpriced cookies are so good! 

I was disappointed this year, that my girl scout connections told me that they no longer make the the "Thanks-A lots".  Something about getting a new bakery and they don't make them.  But as you can see that didn't stop me and my husband from buying an assortnment of cookies this year.

This year is actually better.  Last year I had a personal supplier of girl scout cookies.  It was like I was the addict and she was my supplier.  My BFF was a girl scout troop leader.  So she got me all the Thanks A lots I wanted last year. 

So when these boxes are gone, I will be done until next year.  My hubby asked me not to purchase any cookies from girl scouts hanging out at grocery stores!  I will refrain from buying any more of these overpriced cookies. 



One thing that I love to do besides take pictures is to cook.  I think inherited this trait from my mother.  I don't remember being "taught" how to cook.  I just know when I moved out on my own, I just started to cook.  So I think all those years of watching my mother create delicious meals paid off.

So for dinner tonight, I made my version of chicken fried rice.  I like this meal because it is quick and simple.  So I will share with you my recipe.

boneless skinless chicken breast cut into cubes
brown rice
frozen stir fry vegetables
soy sauce
garlic powder

Prepare brown rice according to directions and set to the side.  Cook the chicken in some evoo.  Sprinkle garlic powder according to your preference.  When chicken is near done, add frozen veggies.  sprinkle with more garlic.  Cook for about another 5-7 minutes.  Add the rice and a pat of butter.  Pour soy sauce on to your preference.  Enjoy.

Please note I have not added any measurements because this is a recipe I made up myself and I don't measure anything!



Since moving, going to the doctor is not as easy with two 13 month-old babies.  Back home, my hubby had the flexibility to be off work to help assist in the appointments or I could get a friend to come help me.  Well times have changed and I am taking them to the doctor myself now.  So today we went in just for shots and a hemoglobin check.  So my daughter is showing off her Tweety Bird band-aid.  I hate seeing them get their shots but its necessary to keep healthy babies.  



This weekend I got the local coupon book in the mail.  I actually enjoy reading through the coupon book.  Its not that I will actually use the coupon.  But rather, I am learning about some of the smaller businesses around me.  Chicago is a much larger city than what I was used to and reading the local coupon book for my neighborhood is helpful.  But the back cover of this latest issue had me so surprised.  There is a page of coupons for a local gas station and the coupons are for booze and beer!  I thought that was so hi-larious that you can actually cut a coupon for your Jose Cuervo or Capt Morgan.  Unfortunately I don't drink either or those.  But if there was a coupon for some wine, I may have clipped the coupon and visited the local gas station!



My hubby bought me a new Camaro today!  Did you really believe that?  We went to the Chicago Auto Show today and looked at tons of cars we cannot afford.  It was nice looking at all the cars and having fantasies of owning one of these cars today.  I picked this picture because I thought it was one of the better pics that I took today.  This was fun to get out the house and spend time together with the kids.  



A nice glass of Riesling for my Friday night.  



A concerned cousin shared some information with me that there was a recall on IKEA cribs.  My babies each have cribs from IKEA.  So I looked up the recall and checked out the cribs.  Luckily our cribs are not part of the recall.  So I decided to post this as my picture just as a FYI to anyone who reads this and they have IKEA cribs or know someone who has IKEA cribs.  So check out the link here to get more information on the crib recall. 



So I had this brilliant idea to set up the tripod and use the timer on the camera.  I thought this will be great, I can get some shots of me and both babies.  Well it was good in theory.  This is probably the best picture I could get.  So I will just have to keep practicing.  Most of the problems were them wanting to play with the tripod and the camera.  



So my duck friends came back yesterday for another photo shoot.  So I obliged and got a few shots.  As you can see, the ground is still covered with snow.  I wish it would just all melt.  But that's another topic for discussion.  So ducks were very friendly and walked closer to me so I could take their pictures.  Somebody around here must be feeding these ducks and they somehow are mistaken I will feed them too....wrong!  I thought birds, in general, fly south for the winter.  I am not sure where these ducks live.  There is a lake in my subdivision but its snow covered and frozen.  Who knows?



Happy Valentine's Day! 

So today's picture is actually a picture of a picture.  This is a picture of my grandmother which sits on my mantel.  Today would have been her 101st birthday.  My grandmother died 7 years ago but I hold a very special place in my heart for her.  I was my grandmother's youngest grandchild.  So she affectionately called me "Baby".  As a child I called her Grandma but as I got older I wanted to be hip like my older cousins and I called her Gram.  So today's picture is dedicated to my Gram.  I love you and miss you!

To all my family members reading this...you better go wash yo' nasty face and hands!



Snow, snow, go away.
Come back another day.

(Really just melt and come back next winter)



Here is my husband partaking in his favorite activity...playing somebody online on his PS3.  He gets so animated when he plays.  He thinks he is the best player ever.  But I will admit he usually plays people online and usually wins.  Sometimes he beats them so bad they quit in the middle of the game.  Like I said in an early post...we all have our vices.



A sweet end to my day.  Today was a good day.  I actually got some adult contact during the day.  All my fellow SAHM can understand how important that contact that is.  Not only did I get to speak with other adults today, a friend from out of town is visiting this weekend too.  So we enjoyed a nice dinner and wine at Cooper's Hawk.  I definitely will be returning there again minus two kids!!!  So I brought my dessert home so I could take a picture.  Now I can go and enjoy it.  



Here's what is left from my dinner.  I had Chipotle tonight for dinner.  It was so yummy.  I had the regular which is a steak fajita bowl with corn salsa, tomato salsa and EXTRA cheese.  The crazy thing is I love the fajita but not green peppers.  So when I get home I pick out all the green peppers and eat the onions!  What's your favorite Chipotle menu item?



Not too much happening in my world.  It is too cold to take the babies out and quite frankly I am running out of ideas of pictures to take.  I still have 325 more to go!  So I got the camera out during snack time.  My baby girl is enjoying her afternoon snack.  She thinks its a cookie.  That's what I tell her!  But it is this thing called a rusk.  I have only seen them in Wal-mart and Target but they are some type of baby cracker that has been eaten for years in other countries.  Well now my babies eat them and love them.  



So about a week ago my son actually took his first steps.  So within a weeks time we have been working with him to get better at walking.  So from this picture you can see he has got the hang of it as he walks away from me trying to gain momentum.  I am going to have my hands full real soon.  As if they were not full enough!



Today was one of those days.  A 10 cup of coffee day.  We all have our vices and one of my vices is coffee.



I decided to play with the self timer and get some pictures of me cooking Sunday dinner.  We had cube steaks, rice, gravy and green beans.  Anybody that knows me well knows that is one of my favorite meals my mother cooks.  So I am feeling a little homesick today so what better way to make myself feel better.  Cook some good comfort food.  Its not as good as my mom's but it is pretty darn close to hers.  She did teach me well.  I even gave some to the babies for dinner.  They loved their rice and gravy just like their mom loves it.  I could eat rice and gravy everyday!

I am going to post the recipe.  Just know that this is not an exact recipe.  I just had to make some guesses on the measurements.  This is something my mother just cooks and from watching her I have learned.  The real recipe is in our heads.

4 cubed steaks

Season the cubed steaks with salt and pepper.  Use flour to coat each cubed steak.  In a skillet on medium heat, melt some shortening.  Brown each cubed steak on each side.  Place the cubed steaks in an oven safe dish and set aside.  Save the meat drippings in the pan to make gravy.

3 tablespoons flour
3 tablespoons shortening
Chicken broth
One sliced onion
1/2 cup mushrooms
Preheat the oven to 350. In the same skillet the meat was prepared melt the shortening and add the flour on medium heat.  Continue until the flour has reached a rich brown gravy color.  Slowly add 1-2 cups of chicken broth and stir at the same time.  Cook gravy and let it boil.  Gravy will thicken over time.  As the gravy is cooking add the onions and mushrooms.  When gravy has thickened, pour the gravy over the meat.  Place the meat and gravy in the oven covered for 30-45 minutes.




Not that into you.  Oh Garrett Popcorn.  I am into you.  So today was my first day out since the blizzard hit.  It was nice to get out and see the sites and see how the blizzard impacted the city.  I was glad to see that Garrett Popcorn was open and ready for my business.  So I ate half the bag in the car and will probably eat the other half tonight!  If you don't know about Garrett Popcorn, you betta ask somebody!



Daddy is trying to teach our baby girl how to walk.  As you can see she is having fun learning how to walk.  Right now her brother can take a few steps.  I know it wont be long before I have 2 babies running around the living room. 



Today is day 3 of the Joy of Love assignment.  The topic was "Then and Now".  And the camera tip involved cropping.  So today I am posting two pictures.  Well really it is four pictures.  The first picture is of my twin daugter when she was about a week or two and the picture on the right was taken of her today.  I want to give my sister Dwana credit for taking the picture on the left.  
Below is a picture of my twin son.  The picture on the left was taken also when he was a few weeks old.  The picture on the right was taken this morning after getting dressed.

I look at these pictures and can't believe how the two of them have grown in a year.  I love my babies so much!  If you look at both sets of pictures they still have the same expressions from when they were newborns. 



For the month of February I am also taking part of the Joy of Love workshop to help improve my photography skills.  So I may post some of the pictures that I take from the workshop in my blog.  So for day 2 of the workshop the theme was how they look.  This is my daughter in the morning waiting for her Eggo Waffle.  Blueberry waffle to be exact.  She was so patient and let me take a photo before feeding her.  Be sure to check out the Joy of Love workshop if you haven't already. 



Its a blizzard out there!  Here is my husband hard at work shoveling the snow from our driveway.  It is hard to say how much snow has actually fell because 1. there was already snow on the ground and 2. it is blowing so damn hard out there.  I can hear the wind blowing against the house.  He did say the snow that had blown up against the garage door was at least a foot.  I am so glad I don't work and don't have to get out in this mess tomorrow!
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