Meet Joan Katheryne. Joan Katheryne??!!! Where does Xavier Roberts come up with these names? So, I am an 80s kid and I was excited that my daughter got a Cabbage Patch Kid for her birthday. I think I enjoy the doll more than her. I enjoy her so much, a picture was dedicated to her! Well the reason why I chose this picture is because I need help. The adoption papers that came with Joan said I could change her name and I need suggestions. I asked my daughter and the only two names she came up with was DaDa and MaMa. So those wont work. So what do you think?
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Melissa said...

I love Cabbage Patch Kids!! I had some when I was a kid too! My favorite one was named Brianna. :)

I'm not much help with names. I do agree Joan is kind of a blah name though.

Melissa said...

Mine was named Leila Kate. How's that?

robYn! said...

I'll pass on on Leila Kate!

Jennifer Thompson said...

I had a few Cabbage Patch Kids growing up aswell!
One was named Carlotta...blaa!
Thanks for passing my link on to your sister. Strength in numbers, hopefully we will all make it through project 365!
Have a great day! :)

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