So today I did my grocery shopping in order to be ready for this blizzard they are forecasting. Since moving here I have been trying to find a grocery store I like. I am not used to having so many options. So today I tried Ultra Foods. I am so glad I did because look what I found. JTM Philly Cheese Steak kits! I thought when moving from Cincinnati, I would never have my JTM Philly Cheese Steak again. So needless to say Ultra Foods is now my favorite grocery store..I wonder if they carry Grippos too!?
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And the winner is....Stephanie! Stephanie gets the award for "The first friend who came to visit me". I have known Stephanie for about 7 years. But when we first met it was for job interview. Stephanie owns an interpreting business and she offered me a job as a sign language interpreter. I was fresh out of school and she gave me my start in my career. It wasn't until years later we became good friends and I am glad we did. We had fun this weekend reminiscing of some of our fun times. We also went out and realized we are not young anymore. But it was a fun short weekend. I can't wait till the next time.

Oh and my hubby took this picture.
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Chicago style pizza! We have a friend visiting from back home and we shared a taste of Chicago with her today. But what I really like in this pic are the peering set of eyes in the background. She liked the pizza too! And of course her brother liked it too.
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"There's no place like home." Aren't my daughter's ruby red slippers just adorable? Well I think so and I wanted to share them with the world.
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I think I have a singer! Which that is amazing because her father and I cannot sing to save our lives! But today she discovered the microphone on her favorite piano. She "sang" for a very long time tonight.
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So better late than never.  This evening I finally got to get out the house minus two kids and and a husband.  Since relocating, I have not had a chance to really meet anyone.  So tonight, I went to a local mother of twins group.  It was fun to have some adult stimulation and I got to do pilates.  When I left, I made a few stops.  So since I knew I would be posting late  I took a picture to prove that I really did take this picture on 1.26.11. 



Morning playtime in romper room (our living room)!
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Meet Joan Katheryne. Joan Katheryne??!!! Where does Xavier Roberts come up with these names? So, I am an 80s kid and I was excited that my daughter got a Cabbage Patch Kid for her birthday. I think I enjoy the doll more than her. I enjoy her so much, a picture was dedicated to her! Well the reason why I chose this picture is because I need help. The adoption papers that came with Joan said I could change her name and I need suggestions. I asked my daughter and the only two names she came up with was DaDa and MaMa. So those wont work. So what do you think?
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Today we had company over to watch the Bears/Packers game. So the babies were quite excited to have new faces in the house today. Its too bad the Bears lost but oh well. There is always next year!
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This is Saturday morning in our house. The babies loves that Daddy is home and get to play with him in the morning. And Mommy loves having the break!
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He was not a happy camper at the doctor's office today.  This is how he felt after 3 shots.  I guess I should have been holding him and not taking pictures. 



This morning I had some visitors to my backyard. They were so nice to let me get a few pictures. When I opened the backdoor they actually came closer to the house. So I got scared and thought they would actually try to walk in the house. When I finished taking the pictures they left.
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Mommy had a little cabin fever today!  Its not too often I get to go out alone with the babies.  It is hard to go out with two one-year-olds.  But, we managed.  I think they were happy to get out too. 



I want you to meet Casper the Friendly Ghost! My babies seem to think that the curtains are toys and not decorations. Needless to say I took them down today and will put them up when we have guests!
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Things are back to normal after the birthday celebrations. This is Daddy and his baby girl spending some time toghether.
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So today was the twins birthday party. We were all gathered around to sing "Happy Birthday". Well our singing really scared Bryon and he cried in terror when he heard us. He was glad when it was over!



This lovely lady is responsible for how good my hair looks in this picture!


"Dwana's Kroger" I am so happy to be home



This may seem like a very boring picture today.  But it symbolizes that I am going home soon for the weekend and can't wait!



"What's all this white stuff?"



Thanks to their Auntie (I wont say which one), they think it is ok to play with Mommy's phone.



"I'm a big girl and can climb up the stairs!"



"This is yummy!"  He is learning to self feed himself.



This was from the babies first play date with their new friends.



So basically I forgot to take my camera out with me today.  I am getting home and I took a few pictures around the house.  Then I decided to go out in the freezing cold to take pictures.  I like this because you can see the snowflakes in the picture.  But what I want you to see is the stick at the end of the driveway.  Well that is there to help guide you in the event there is 3 feet of snow.  That way you know where your driveway is! I think this will be an interesting winter.



This is the first official meal I cooked with my brand new stove.  Steak, onions, green beans and rice.  Well the rice was actually cooked in the microwave but you get the picture.



I didn't win the mega millions. Back to regularly scheduled programming.



I hope I am lucky!



This reminds me of home.



I am not feeling well today so this is the best I could do. I think this has to do with me running around with no coat on Saturday. Probably so.



What is project 365? It is a project that I saw another friend do. For 365 days I will take a picture. So I thought it would be fitting to start on the first day of 2011. This will be good for me as I am trying to find a new hobby and I love taking pictures. So I will end this first post with my first picture of the project. Just 364 more to go.

Yesterday I got my brows threaded for the first time. The results are nice but the pain was unbelievable.
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